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Selecao Academy

About the Program

Selecão Academy is designed to give our students the opportunity to improve their entire game. It will be utilized to speed up the overall development of a player.  It is a great opportunity for the youth player to train with our Select coaches. 

Selecão Academy will be used as an identification program.  The top players will attend sessions and coaches will challenge them with various training techniques.  This includes great decision making, good soccer IQ, technical skills, tactical awareness, attacking & shooting and speed & agility training.

The goal of the Selecão Academy will be to transform our students into players that are comfortable when the ball is at their feet, to help them understand the basic tactical concepts of soccer, and to become an all-around “360 player”, or as we say #BADTOP – Building A Different Type Of Player!

Technical Skills

This portion of the program specializes in improving ball handling skills. It includes Juggling, Dribbling, Foot-skills, Receiving, Passing, Shooting, and Crossing, which will be the main focus of this training.  This will be followed by small sided games that allow our students the opportunity to put their skills in game like situations.

Attacking & Shooting

This training focuses on Attacking. Students get to work on their offensive game by working on all their attacking motions. Students spend time in a variety of attacking activities that enhances their ability to create and finish off attacks.

Tactical Skills

Tactical knowledge is taught through games that force our students to think and learn the basic tactical concepts of playing soccer. Students participate in Tactical games that significantly improve game sense.


Speed & Agility

Speed Agility training will be age specific and will focus on speed, agility, balance, coordination and quickness.

Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez

Director of Coaching/President

Phone: 214-926-6370

Michael Bones

Michael Bones

Youth Academy Girls Director of Coaching

Phone: 972-825-7235

Edgar Perette

Edgar Perette

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Phone: 214-457-8417